Cat’s hacks

using-git-commits-for-hackshowtoUsing Git Commits for Hacks
sharing-hackshowtoSharing Arc hacks
libshowtoLibraries as hacks
emacs-utf8howtoHow to convince Emacs to save .arc files in UTF-8
table-reader-writerpatchReader / writer for Arc tables
mzpatchAllows easy access to the underlying MzScheme language that Arc is written in.
datepatchCross-platform implementation of Arc’s date function.
atomic-fixpatchFixes arc2’s atomic macro to work in the presence of exceptions.
exit-on-eofpatchPatches Arc so that an eof (^D in Unix) at the command prompt will exit Arc.
liblibA succinct method for sharing Arc libraries.
erplibMy favorite debug print macro.
extendlibExtend Arc functions
jsonlibJSON reader / writer
scheme-valuespatchAllows Scheme values to pass through the Arc compiler.
list-writerpatchA writer for Arc lists.
load-w/renamepatchLoad an Arc source code file with renames
testify-tablepatchTreat tables like functions in Arc's list sequence functions
testify-isopatchAllow lists to be used as the first argument to Arc's list sequence functions.
obj-no-atomicpatchAvoid unnecessary use of atomic by obj
nil-impl-by-nullpatchSpeculative patch implementing Arc's nil with MzScheme's null
srv-mimepatchFix mime types in srv.arc
port-line-countingpatchShow the line number in some error messages
toerrpatchSend output going to stdout to stderr instead
arc3-hacks-previewhowtoA preview of some arc3 hacks